you are never fully dressed until …

One morning, back in the days when I used to go to school, I woke up and did not even find one reason why I should attend the school. I was in this kind of mood that makes your room the only place you want to be in. I could not sleep so I just lied down on my bed and entertained thoughts about how pointless everything was. As she normally does, my mother came to my room to wake me up. When she saw that I was already awake she asked me why I am not getting ready and if everything was ok.

Now, this was the best opportunity for me to give a small talk about my thoughts on the pointlessness of everything, a kind of talk which would make the audience stand on their feet and applause. But, this is now how things work with moms. They are so kind that if you talk to them about these kinds of things for an hour the only points that form in their mind are 1. child is becoming crazy 2. be worried! and in some severe cases 3. go to the restroom, where you think no one hears you but they actually do, and cry for how your child is depressed and will not make anything out of his life.

So, I had two options in front of me: 1. make my mom worried which would then result in an hour talk with her and my dad probably because she would obviously ask my dad to talk to me or 2. just get out of the bed and go to school. Being the kind of person who does not just easily give up on his ideas, I decided to go to school. But, having spent all the time I had to eat breakfast and get dressed in the bed thinking, I ended up going to school with an empty stomach and an unwashed grumpy-looking face.

Once I got in the cab, the driver looked at me, smiled very kindly and asked me ‘how are you my friend’. Now imagine, I had been forced to go to school because I did not want to make my mom worried and I had lost my time to eat breakfast so I have all the rights to be mad at the world and even all the people in the world, and now suddenly this cab driver who has never seen me before, smiles at me and he calls me his friend. For some moments I was confused. My mind could not process this unexpected act of kindness. But then very suddenly everything changed in me in the same way that when you pour a drop of ink in a cup of water and the whole cup becomes red after a while (of course, this is only if the ink you use is red.) I felt a drop of happiness moving in my body and making me happy. I smiled all over my face. To be honest, I even forgot all my thoughts about the pointlessness of the world which made me think maybe it was all because of my mood. But, don’t tell this to anyone!

I don’t think he knows how he made my day, but I know and I will never ever forget. Ok, maybe i will forget at one point, but as long as it is in my mind, it makes me happy.  It really does.

For one week try to leave the house with a smile and see for yourself how it changes your world.

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If it didn’t we will refund your time. We  promise.

p.s. everyone has problems in their life, so that is not a good excuse not to smile.


17 responses to “you are never fully dressed until …

  1. This makes me think…the caring mother, the supporting father, the loving son, the friendly the cab driver, the smile the happy feeling arnt these things a reason to live? Isn’t life a reason to live? After some news I found out and some prayers I did I suddenly found myself waking up and thanking god that I am awake even if inhave a few aches abd pains, even if my life isn’t perfect it’s good even if I’m not healthy i am ALIVE and if there is only one point in life it’s love for yourself for others and for creation..I really liked this piece though and I’m gonna try and wear a smile every day for seven days and I know what to think of to make me do that:)

  2. thanks for your comment, I am happy you feel ALIVE, and hope you always feel the same. That is all I want to say that every single one of us has many things to appreciate. take care mate and dftba.

  3. Your comment made me happy and I did say that i love the way you look at life now. I did want to ask what the news you find out was but thought maybe that is personal. oh and dftba is : dont forget to be awesome!

    • Oh I see well thank you for thinking im awesome I don’t know why though..I hope you feel alive too and the news I received is of no significance at the

  4. I could feel a smile spread across my face as I read the blog. Thank you for making me smile. As you said I am sure for some-days now, I will be wearing a smile!

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