About Me


I am a typical Philosophy Lecturer who like all other typical philosophers thinks is not a typical philosopher. For long I have been writing about philosophy and related issues but now I want to share my thoughts and ideas about life and follow my dream of becoming a writer, photographer and a painter as I help my soul eat, play and grow (mainly eat).

be with me in this journey !

The Soul Tamagotchi


43 responses to “About Me

  1. Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your follow a lot. The Soul Tamagotchi is such a creative name, btw. It made me smile.

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  3. Oh dear, I just realized I have been following you! But I somehow only came across your blog again today…. Perhaps I follow a great deal of amazing blogs that I never get to see your posts 😦 Well,just enjoyed some posts of your’s and wanted to tell you how amazing they were 😀 They really made me think.

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