Wish I were Taller


Why do some people wish to be taller? Now, I have to tell you I know the perks of being a tall person 1)you are a better hugger 2)you are taken seriously from a young age 3)you are closer to the clouds 4)you are further away from the odor of people’s socks. But, these are all advantages of being tall, not wishing to be tall. Why do we wish at all. What is there to gain by wishing.

Wish life would be easier. Wish my man was cheesier.

Wish my period didn’t hurt. Why is ketchup on my shirt?

Wish I had a magic wand. Wish my girlfriend was a blonde.

This could go on and on forever. People wish for hundreds of things in their life. What a person wishes to have, the other wishes to lose. Wishing has the same cons as setting goals without any of the pros. When you set a goal, you have a plan to achieve it. Wishing doesn’t include any planning. It is only a request, a request that is against the reality of your life. Basically, every time you wish for something, you are saying I am not happy with my life. Now, this is ok with things that we can change, but with things that are not in our hands, this will only keep us in denial and stops us from accepting our situation.  But, when we accept our reality, not only will we stop disliking life, but we will also start to see how what we have is the best for us. The first step towards happiness is accepting the realities of our life. Then, we will learn to like them and once we have liked the realities of our life, nothing can get in the way of our happiness.

p.s. not every one wants a tall partner 😉


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