Is Love a Cage?

Let us forget how love manifests itself in our actions, be it the butterflies we feel in our tummy, be it the blush on our face or be it the heat of our kiss. Let us forget these and think about love, its reality. Some see love as a kind of metaphorical rope by which the lover is bound to the beloved. It seems fit and it explains well different aspects of love, like the lover’s constant effort to be close to the beloved, you can imagine the beloved pulling the rope that is fastened around the lover’s neck. Another element, that this metaphor explains well is the lover’s inability to let go of the beloved, for if there is a rope around one’s neck, how can one let go?

I am not going to say this metaphor, widely and commonly used among different cultures, is wrong. But, I am going to ask you a question. Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Do you recall yourself saying, ‘wow, I am reaaally in love.’? My friend, can you tell me how it felt? Did you feel a rope around your neck or did you feel free? Did you feel you were put in a cage or did you feel you were flying higher than the birds? Let me tell you about my first love. No, I wasn’t flying with birds or joining the winds that passed through the leaves of the trees. I felt lost for a while, like a stranger in a land where everything was new. Every day, I would discover something new, a feeling I’d never felt, a place of my heart that had never been touched and so much kindness I never knew I was capable of showing. I was like a lion that had lived all his life in a cage and was now set free to be out in the jungle. Now, don’t let this example bother you. If you think lion is too good a metaphor for me, change it to a hamster, to a zebra, to any living being that is kept in a cage. It doesn’t matter. What mattered was that I was free. I was free of my-self, my boundaries, the limits of my thoughts, free of my fears. Love for me, wasn’t a cage or a rope around my neck to be removed by the wish of my beloved. Love for me was freedom. Now, set me free if you wish. You will only give more love to me.



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