I promised myself …

I promised myself I’d always be there for you. Sometimes, I take your pain away and when I can’t do that I try to hold your hand and own your pain. There are also times that I become your pain myself. What I want you to know is that I love you the same at all those times. 

I understand you better than everyone else, sometimes even better than yourself. I know that there are times too when I fail to understand. I can see in your eyes how that makes you feel. Can you see in my eyes that I am trying very hard to understand, that I will never give up trying?

p.s. ilu


3 responses to “I promised myself …

  1. Pain. do go away as I am swayed by your passion;
    I love feeling your pain and am becoming obsessed with you;
    I am used to the feeling that when you choose to live, I shall sunk into depression;
    I don’t want to miss you;
    You have been redefined in a fab manner by soul tamagotchi:)

  2. You have been quiet for sooo long…are you sleeping? or have you gone? are you flying ‘cross the starry night?’ linking with Souls in far off lands? Hope you share again, let us know your plans…. your beautiful thoughts are missed by many, they heal the soul, and melt the snows….if only I knew you,our minds could meld,

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