I promised myself …

I promised myself I’d always be there for you. Sometimes, I take your pain away and when I can’t do that I try to hold your hand and own your pain. There are also times that I become your pain myself. What I want you to know is that I love you the same at all those times. 

I understand you better than everyone else, sometimes even better than yourself. I know that there are times too when I fail to understand. I can see in your eyes how that makes you feel. Can you see in my eyes that I am trying very hard to understand, that I will never give up trying?

p.s. ilu


One response to “I promised myself …

  1. Pain. do go away as I am swayed by your passion;
    I love feeling your pain and am becoming obsessed with you;
    I am used to the feeling that when you choose to live, I shall sunk into depression;
    I don’t want to miss you;
    You have been redefined in a fab manner by soul tamagotchi:)

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