never stop loving

the writer of this blog rocks

A drop in the ocean

I have invited you to step into a land where im vulnerable. where the stars shine brighter than the morning sun.

I have invited you with my outstretched arms. Dnt run, dnt jump, dnt shout just take my hand. dnt think too much about it. dnt tell me how ull make my beautiful land, my heart, the happiest of places, i have heard enough stories of heroes and happy endings.

just tell me u will accept me for who i am. tell me u will stay in this land and appreciate the stars without thinking of the morning sun.

tell me u know that once uve left a footprint here it will never fade away. tell me u can be happy with what there is. tell me you dont want to change my world but love it exactly how it is.

Because i love the land youve let me in…

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