greetings from Amazon

Kapok tree 1

It’s a small world. You are sitting on your chair or on your boyfriend’s back and reading my words written thousands of miles away from you, from thee Amazon jungle. Now, you know why I haven’t been writing for a while.  Right now, I am sitting at the entrance (I mean the hole in front) of a cage where hundreds of bats are listening in what seems to be a concert to the singing of one of their friends. In case you are wondering, her voice is not very plausible but she has other ways of amusing the crowd. She is wearing a revealing bunny-shaped clothing. Amusing Indeed.

On my left, there is a huge Kapok tree. It’s so old that seven people can open their arms and hug its bough without their hands touching. On top of the main branch, there is a tree-house.  It is heart-warming to know that there have been people here before. I have been thinking about climbing the tree and checking the tree-house for minutes now. Things I might find in it temps me to climb up. But it is really scary. The branch is very high and I am not a good climber. I might fall, break my legs, remain here till my body spoils and my bones become amusing feature of the jungle for the next tourists. But, I should not let these silly thoughts stop me from this adventure. I mean I have already come to the middle of this jungle alone, so I might as well do this.

I am now approaching the tree. It looks even bigger now. I have to find a way to climb up. Maybe if I grab that branch and put my foot here … Ok. I have to put my notebook down.

Oh a better idea. I can tuck it into my pants.

So here I am in the tree-house. OOPH. I had at least three near-death experiences. I am not a very good climber. Ok. Let’s see if it was worth it or not. There is nothing in this corner. Nothing here … oh what is this? A piece of paper. God It’s covered with cobwebs. I am not going to touch it. I have to apologize from you because I am going to remove the cobwebs with my notebook.

Good. Now let’s see what it’s written here:

“Dear Reader,

Never trust what you read in the internet.  It’s not always as silly as this blog-post but it doesn’t mean it’s true.

always look for evidence.

with regards.”


12 responses to “greetings from Amazon

  1. I love this one:) what’s really REAL anyways. our consciousness and the natural world. they could be sooo close or soo far from each other:)

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