there will be a happy ending

Your thoughts are trapped
inside your own head,
somersaulting cartwheels
and rolling around like lovers in a barn.
We are tangled together,
your hand holding mine,
I’m holding onto everything you have.
You know, darling,
this is how it’s going to be.
And stay forever.
I will always have your back
and you’ll always have me,
Because it’s that powerful.
And I whisper to you
that everything is going to be fine,
you have to just

trust me.

© Chatty Owl 2013, All Rights Reserved

p.s. KDD

p.p.s. thank you Chatty Owl for your generosity and art.


5 responses to “there will be a happy ending

  1. I don’t know what to say..I’m lost for words…I guess all I can say is I love you so so much….thank you thank you thank you…this is just perfect for now, for how I feel, for everything….thank you

    • Have a lovely day and never forget that there are people in this world that you mean so much to them and they care a great deal about your happiness! May the rest of your week be full of smiles.

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