I am sure you have tried it once when you were in the pool. You let your body rest on the water motionless and your ears are underwater. You don’t hear any sound but a peaceful tone.


Then if you lower your head even more letting your whole head underwater your experience becomes even more wonderful. Even your voice becomes silent. You try to shout but there will be no sound even people swimming next to you won’t hear you.



When you are underwater what people say won’t affect you because you all you hear is that peaceful tone. People’s words can’t hurt you when you are underwater. You can’t hurt people either because no matter how hard you try to shout no one will hear you. I wish I could always be underwater. 



14 responses to “underwater

  1. You say wonderful things at times…things that make people laugh smile and feel special…there are people who just love the sound of ur voice and miss it even in a day…what an absolute shame if u were under water…..

  2. Your words are so deep and beautiful. I loved it. Keep writting like this please. It can shake up one’s soul.
    also i would like you to check my blog and give me some suggestions to improve it if it pleases you. Thankyou.

  3. And what if you begin to drown? then no one can help you even if you shout load! Opportunities come with their prices and the price of communication is being above the water ^__^

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