my new room


We shared a room. But still I was scared to sleep alone. He let me sleep next to him on his bed. We chose our halves of the bed and drew an imaginary line that was not to be crossed. He was on the right side of the bed and I on the left. That is where we slept but we would both woke up on the right side. “There was a time every night that you just came to my side and hugged me.” He told me years after. He also told me that some nights he just couldn’t take my snoring and would hold his hand on my mouth to stop me from snoring. But despite all of this my brother and I shared a room for 15 years. Even after I had a room I would take my pillow every night when everyone was sleep and go to his room and sleep on the floor next to his bed.

Last night I slept on his bed. I didn’t enjoy being in his beautiful blue room for the first time. Mom said now that he is gone the room is mine. Maybe this is why I don’t like it anymore. I loved it because it was my brother’s room. It was his wedding last this week and he lives in his own house now. I kept telling myself nothing has changed and we still love each other. But, God, I miss him so much. We all miss him. I know very well why my mom’s nose is always red when she comes home.

To be continued …


11 responses to “my new room

  1. Goodbyes are always heartbreaking no matter in what occasion..on the bright side it’s the goodbyes and makes us appreciate things better and continue loving and treating those loved ones even better specially of the goodbyes are in happy occasions where new doors of hope are opened to everyone one involve….ilu

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