center of the universe


Once upon a time, the earth was thought to be the centre around which sun and all other stars orbited. It took a lot of effort from many devoted scholars to prove to people that it was the other way round. The same amount of effort or maybe more is needed for some of us to realise we are not the centres of the universe. How often have you heard people question the creation of some animals because they don’t see how they affect our life or that they don’t see any point in the universe as soon as life shows them its tough side.

 They say that once Moses was going to Mount Sinai and saw an insect, making him wonder why has God created it. While he was talking to God he forgot to ask his question. As he was leaving God asked him “Do you know what the insect was saying, as you were passing?” Moses said “Yes.” And God told him the insect was saying: “Why have you created Moses?”

p.s. thank you T.N.Z. for the inspiration.


6 responses to “center of the universe

  1. You are right. I have always believed that humans are too arrogant for their own good – this I believe can – will lead to our demise. We all have a purpose here. Every living creature and even the ones we do not know exist and I also believe we are dependent on each other in some way – life is dependent life. We need to keep looking and questioning and accepting all differences.

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