friends are like …

underwear …



because they protect you from many bad things.

because you can have one for different moods.

because they keep your secrets.

because sometimes, you might think you don’t need them but, soon, you see that you do.

because you want them to be only yours.

because having only one is not enough.


in other words, friends are necessary.


p.s. miss you dear Farib

p.p.s. can you think of any more?


5 responses to “friends are like …

  1. because…
    we take them granted so easily,
    we stop seeing them as our protectors and secret keepers and start acting like they’re there because it’s their job to be there,
    and once in a while, we take a dump IN them and just throw them away, simply because they’re not bearable anymore, and they can be replaced by any other best-underwear

    • haha like the last one, actually i thought of it but … 😀
      but you know with 20 minutes in the machine and some good powder and then 2 minutes of ironing it will be as good as new 😀

  2. Friends are those who you can share some parts of your adventures with your beloved without having them envy you especially when you all love the same one ^__^

    p.s: humans are not worthy of love ^__^

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