a mad man who …

How can a mad man who still doesn’t know

That you should not attend a party with pajamas

Or that you should not come to the street with a horse

Or that telling jokes to a philosopher is not acceptable

Bring happiness to your life?

You want bread

The mad man laughs

You want clothes

The mad man laughs

You feel cold

The mad man laughs

You cry

The mad man laughs and thinks you can eat laughter, or wear laughter or that laughter can make you warm.

You ask about the future

But the mad man doesn’t have a calendar or a watch

And although the mad man reads newspaper

He believes the sun orbits around the earth

And will laugh at whoever who thinks the earth is round

And is surprised how people don’t understand that one kilogram of iron weighs more than a kilogram of cotton?

Despite all of this, you like the mad man

Because he knows a lot of myths

Reads old poems

And although lives at the city

But never forgets to wear the smile he had when he came from the country

A. R. Ahmady


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