like a doll

doll girl

She is pretty like her doll

She is never rude, not at all

When she was a child, everyone told her she was a doll. She didnโ€™t know what that meant. She just knew they liked her for that. So she continued trying to be a doll as she grew up. She was pretty and she always smiled but that was it. A doll only speaks when it’s touched and says only what it’s meant to say. She became the same. ย Everyone loved her. People love fake things.ย 

I wish they would make dolls that are not always pretty, dolls that talk when they are upset, dolls that are not fake.


34 responses to “like a doll

  1. Its a question how the girl has been conditioned to believe. I blame it on our education system that encourage exploitation and oppression of women.

  2. This really moved me. So often when a women has strong opinions or is quick witted with banter or even just stands up for herself, she is conscidered to be a diva, or to be in a mood or high-maintenance as in hardwork. Yet if a man has these sane attributes he is conscidered to be strong and admired. So we conform to be liked and end up losing the very thing that makes us individual: Our personalities and our spirit. A person is worth knowing only if they love you for you.

  3. This picture… Was looking at it for some minutes. Its so attractively disturbing. And pretty at the same time.
    People like fake ideas, dreams, saturated things and other people.

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