don’t be a frog


Have you heard the sad truth about frogs? If you put a frog in boiling water it will jump out but if you put him or her (let’s say him, who wants to put a lady in a pot) in cold water that is gradually heated it will not understand the danger and will thus (sadly) be boiled to death.

Sometimes, the same happens to us. The problem begins when we think that we think enough which we don’t. The way I see it, everyone’s brain has an autopilot system which is not bad. The only thing about it is that its too difficult to turn off. This system is called habit. When we like something we just do it and after a while it becomes a habit and it runs itself. You don’t feel that you need to think about it and feeling safe by the autopilot you start to sleep. And the only time the sleeping pilot wakes up is when? when the plane has crashed into a mountain!

Set the alarm clock before you fall asleep! If you train yourself to reconsider your habits regularly, it will work like an alarm clock and it will wake you up. You just need to find your alarm clock. A frank friend or a big mirror, it doesn’t matter. find something that wakes you up.


27 responses to “don’t be a frog

  1. Another amazing piece!! Well done!! the bit about the frog was slightly depressing, poor froggy but I get your point. Habits are hard to break and sometimes it’s really unhealthy to carry on with a habit. Like you say, we need to set the alarm to wake us up to prevent a crash. She sister is trying to get out of a habit at the moment. I hope that she can wake up!! Thanks again for another really gd post!! 😀

  2. Frogs teach us more lessons though ^__^
    If you want to boil someone, never do it harshly but gradually ^__^
    If you want to bring someone to an agreement, If you want to teach someone, If you want to make yourself to do what you hate at the beginning… Just be a FROG (with a kungfu panda music running in background…Arrivals’ also works for this script ) ^__^

    • haha, i really admire you’re imagination. many lessons can be learnt from frogs. another one being not to trust people so easily, i remember my brother holding a frog in his hand and the frog releasing himself … 😀

  3. I left a comment here…but apparently it didnt post…along with the rest of your of ur stuff this is also very good..wise words…sometimes though leaving habits is not so easy as setting an alarm sometimes some things we believe to the extent that there is nothing on the face of earth that will make us see we are misunderstanding…we go to the extent of hurting or even permanently damaging loved ones because we are so set in out ways…but thats human being for you they build their way and then get stuck in it…..hoping for a day when love can open ppls eyes rather than make them blind and ppl become flexible enough to leave their bad habits and stop being a frog….

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