grandma’s new friend (Alzheimer)


My grandma has a new friend now and I don’t like her. Before she came, grandma would make me delicious cookies. But now she doesn’t even remember my name. Don’t get me wrong she is still very nice. Last time I went to her house she made me eat five apples. I told her you just gave me an apple but she made me eat another one.

There is this one story she tells me every time I see her. When my uncle was very little. The dentist wanted to pull his tooth out but he was scared. Grandma wanted to show him it is not scary so she asked the dentist to take one of her tooth out first. I don’t think the doctor should’ve listened. When I told my uncle he didn’t remember the story and then mom told me it was my other uncle and grandma doesn’t remember the names correctly. I think it must be her new friend who makes her forget things.

Grandma doesn’t bake cookies anymore too. Last time she wanted to bake a cookie she poured our dishwashing liquid instead of sunflower oil. I don’t know why that night mom cried till morning. Maybe she really missed grandma’s cookies. But I don’t care that she doesn’t bake cookies anymore. I don’t care that she doesn’t remember me. I’ll remember for both of us. I know she still loves me. If she didn’t love me she wouldn’t make me eat a lot of apples.


48 responses to “grandma’s new friend (Alzheimer)

  1. I say, that when one member of the family suffers from a disease, the whole family suffers. Your sweet grandma does love you, she proved it by trying to keep you healthy. Nice post.

  2. Alzheimer is a popular friend amongst women of past generations…My mother is still suffering from the early onset of this dreaded disease and your post struck a chord in my heart…She does love you even if in a very different way…Sending blessings to her and to all you family

    • thank you Anyes. I also send blessing to you, your dear mother and other family members. It is really important to remind ourselves at these times of how much they have loved us. it becomes easier to love them back. thank you for stopping by.

  3. doubtfully don’t know whether to say big like or big dislike!
    big like for ur nice post and ur nice attitude
    and big dislike for grandma and mom..crying till morning…
    wish you all happiness
    keep up the good work!

  4. I remember my great grandmother having Alzheimer’s. I remember being in a wendy house and sucking my thumb, and her coming down and sitting with me in there, and she started copying me by sucking her thumb. I remember feeling bemused as she was accepting me sucking my thumb whereas everyone else used to tell me off!!! She was so pretty even in her 80’s, she was slim, and had this beautiful white hair that was long which was pinned up, and glasses. I love your page, I haven’t thought about her for years.

    • thanks for sharing your memories about your great grandmother. I really thing grandmothers are angels. I wish you a very happy life and also wish she was the last one in your family who got this dreaded disease.

      • Unfortunately my mum has developed short term memory loss and has to leave notes everywhere so she remembers to do things and my sister and I know its a legacy from great grandmother. As Alzheimer’s tends to miss a generation so I hope we have a few more years yet before my mum disappears as she is only 63.

      • i really hope that her memory loss does not progress any further. because this kind of memory loss is very common about elderly people but it doesnt always lead to alzheimer.

  5. This is one of the best things I’ve read lately. Is that a photo of your actual grandmother? If so she is beautiful.

    • thank you Jay. no, this isn’t a picture of my grandma. she looks very similar tho. this beautiful lady is a romanian grandma who looks really like my grandma. I thot if i put a picture of my granny my mom might see and will become upset.
      thanks for stopping by

  6. Great post. Alzheimer’s disease success stories come form people who adopt the positive attitude like you have done. I think that in my nursing career I have seen both sides of the coin. There can be many frustrating moments when the people we love don’t know who we are and cannot remember those memories that we hold dear in our hearts. Keep up being positive and I encourage you to reach for your goals and never give up on your dreams:)

  7. 🙂 apples are healthy! I’m sorry for your grandma… I know what you’re going through cause my grandma had the same friend. Didn’t like her neither. She had real bad influence on my granny.

  8. This is a very sweet and heart warming post for ur grandmother. My great grandmother didn’t remember me the last time I visited And I can at least understand how it must feel…my prayers are with u and ur family..amazing writing btw

  9. Ahh, that’s so sweet and sad at the same time. Like it’s sweet because it doesnt matter about a disease or problem, we will always love our families but it’s sad when these things do happen, a member of my family can’t remember who me and my sister are, she also forgets she has broken legs and tries to walk… :/ I havent seen or thought about her in so long and this post was really thought provoking. Thanks!

  10. I think grandma herself doesn’t feel anything bad about it… does she?
    But let us give it a second thought. If memories are really metaphysical, why should one forget them? (miss you ^__^)

    • i don’t know. they say people with Alzheimer feel very lost and confused and that is a very sad state to be in.
      and about memories, seems like you have not changed a bit. 😀
      miss you more 😉

  11. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. Such a positive outlook on such a horrible “friend.” Your words express your love for your grandmother. Nicely written. Look forward to reading more.

  12. I know how you feel. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and yesterday, I heard her tell my grandfather I wasn’t her granddaughter. And she cries so much know. I feel helpless, and she hurts my feelings a lot, but I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world because I love her. And at least she’s still alive.

    • i really admire your love for your grandma. i am sure she loves you all the same. i know it can get really tough. but i always try to remind myself of the past when she would do all she could for me, thanks for stopping by

  13. My mother cried, too, when we could no longer allow my grandmother to bake. We found needles in the muffins. She had been sewing earlier that day, but we don’t quite know how that happened. Soon after that, she stopped sewing, too. She had been an athlete when she was younger and was in pretty good healthy physically, so she lived quite a number of years after that point.

    Her mother lost her memory at an unusually early age. Now, I’m beginning to worry about my mother.

    • I feel you fojap. I have been having worry ever since grandma’s new friend came along. But there is nothing to be gained through worrying, plus there are various different activities that reduce the chance of it significantly. hope noone ever gets this disease.

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