lovely lovely days, are coming our ways

the soul tamagotchi - esfehan

taken by the soul tamagotchi’s mother on 1st, March, 2013, Isfahan

the season of spring
weather seems to sing
lovely lovely days
are coming our ways

the season of spring
birds unfold their wings
diving high into sky
wish one could fly

the season of spring
nice sound, bells ring
new wave, new style
faces have on a smile

listen listen to my words
the season of spring is near
now a look into your lovely eyes
and one can see spring is already here

Morhardt Carmen Mencita Monoi Angel

p.s. the picture is taken by my mother and I stole it ! ( I only claim copy left for it. no copy rights)


16 responses to “lovely lovely days, are coming our ways

    • oh, remind me to post a poem about Autumn specially for you 🙂
      But, you should send me the picture for it :p
      thanks for reading, commenting and liking. (you still have time to do the last one :P)

    • A big thanks from here, many thanks. I’m so glad you came. I also got to know your blog which made me want to have a daughter to have her weaarrr lots of beautiful clothes i saw in your blog 😀

  1. I sure wish it was springlike here…snowstorms and blinding whiteouts today on the very first day of spring…ugh… thanks for reminding me that flowers will return, and warmth 🙂

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