oops, I love the hula hoops!


Do you know what is worse than not being able to keep the (bloody) hula hoops twirling around your waist for more than three seconds? I will tell you: Having a sister who can do it for eighteen minutes. So here I am practicing for weeks and failing. And she tries for two days and the third day she is like ‘hey, I can hula while walking.’ (yes hula is a verb too, I hula!) What made things even harder was that other family members who saw me trying desperately and failing innocently would turn on their comforting mood and say: ‘well, you have other talents.’

I could just give up and think about my other talents which was quite hard cause I had no idea what other talent they were talking about. Instead, I asked everyone in the family to hula and got everyone involved. Everyone tried. Some looked ridiculous.  Some managed to do it. Some failed. And we all laughed and had an easy yet amazing fun. And in the comfort of this nice environment I practiced again and now I can hula so long that the hula still twirls but I get bored. I even wrote this post while hulaing. (just kidding)

p.s. nothing in this world is as fun as making your dad play with the hula hoops.


21 responses to “oops, I love the hula hoops!

  1. Maybe there is one thing twice as funny as what you said…making your dad do it better than you ^__^

  2. Awesome! Don’t stop! Look up some tutorial videos on youtube for hoopdancing and it will give you lots of ideas to do while hooping so you won’t get bored. then you will be addicted in no time.

  3. I used to love hoola hoops!!! Though I haven’t even touched one in ages…I hope it’s like riding a bicycle and I’m still able to hoola. Good luck practising though, because once you get it, you really just get it 😛

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