A letter to my husband’s lover


It’s your birthday today. This day last year, my husband came home very late and when he came back he made the children and I, all, laugh with the story of how he had to work late in the office. I hold him in my arms and felt the happiest woman on earth. I didn’t know that was the first night you two spent together.

Since that night, you have spent many nights together. I look back at all the weekends, all the nights he came late and think that he might have been with you. I look back and think that maybe all the times that he told me I was beautiful he didn’t mean it. Not only, you took him from me for the rest of my life but you also made me doubt my past with him, the only thing in my life that I was proud of.

I wonder what he will be doing for your birthday this year. He is so good at buying gifts. He is also very good at making birthdays special and fun. The thought of you celebrating together and him doing all of that for you is very painful for me. But even though you can do this in the open now, just know that this relationship will never be legitimate in my eyes. He turned his back to his beautiful children. You will never be able to know how hard it is for me to look at our children when they ask me why “daddy” has left.

A couple of weeks after your birthday, I will turn 40 and will be single for the first time in 21 years. I can’t escape from the fact that if he was still here, we would be planning something grand. We had talked about a big trip this year; I had been saving up for it. I can’t stop thinking that he might take you there. Ouch!

Anyways, I am a strong woman and will not let a person like you affect my life. This time next year on your birthday, whatever you are doing – together with him or not – my intention is that you will both matter a lot less to me.

Based on a real story I read the guardian.


19 responses to “A letter to my husband’s lover

  1. It is sad that happened. In the end he is responsible. I often wonder why people get angry at the other woman when it isn’t her commitment she is breaking. (I am not the other woman so please don’t misread this) He made a choice to hurt, to move forward, to break.

    I often see stories like this as a way to bring truth to light. If he was willing to cheat, the marriage was broken. Maybe not obviously, but somewhere. Now the wife has the opportunity to find someone that will love her the way she should be loved.

    • I understand your point and I don’t think the blame is all on the second woman. At the end of the day, it is not our duty to judge people. we should try our best not to hurt anyone 😉

  2. This was a fiction you wrote, based on a true story? I didn’t understand that until the end. On the way through, your words made my heart stop a little! You write well, thank you.

  3. The Soul Tamagotchi,
    I see the similarity between my poem and your post. Yours offers a different perspective to the same subject matter. However, I would argue that this would not be an accurate perspective for my poem (since mine is not fiction and I am emotionally involved).

    Nonetheless, I admire the emotions you captured in your writing. It is captivating and expressive. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading.

    -Typewriters & Wine

    • thanks for the time you spent reading. i do agree it does not correspond 100 percent to your poem. I wrote this after reading a real story of similar nature and i couldn’t stay quiet. I shared it with you so that you know there are people who at least try to understand what people in such situations have felt, and that you are not alone 😉 all the best
      – The Soul Tamagotchi (I learnt from you to put a dash before my name 😛 )

    • it’s really hard to be in her shoes. you know sometimes you can’t keep it in. i think she wanted to let herself out and have a closure. maybe. but i think from this, we can learn a lesson and live better and respect other’s lives. thanks for reading and commenting

  4. Oh.my.goodness! My heart just broke (did you hear it)? I wasn’t as calm and patient as this woman. Or understanding. I cut a hole in a waterbed (MY bed I caught THEM in), smashed it to pieces, drug it, sobbing to the yard, and started it on fire. Not rational, but it DID make me feel better, somehow! You can sense the love in her, still. EXCELLENT work!

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