“different” is not bad.

You don’t share the same interest as your friends? You don’t listen to the same songs or read the same books as your friend? You think you are weird? You think just because you weigh more than others you are not as good?

Look at this picture I took a couple of days ago:

 the soul tamagotchi

Do you think without the red and round radishes the picture would be the same?

The moral: You can be round, you can be red, you can even have leaves and still be great !

If we could all accept our differences and respect them, our world would become very delicious. You don’t believe me? See it for yourself:

the soul tamagotchi (2)

Hey, don’t be jealous. I knew you would want some so I didn’t have any myself. Yeah, that’s how I roll. I don’t eat alone.

p.s. please be inspired !


10 responses to ““different” is not bad.

  1. ooh its up and im invited i understand now:Dive been waiting actually and didnt get a notification..don’t know why i keep having to refollow you it somehow un-followes on its own…its amazing and very very annoying as i feel my taste buds tingling god i want some of that right now…thanks for not eating on your own lol but if you go again have some instead of me too:D

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