the story of the dinosaur doll

Sara and Jack want to play together:

They decide that Sara is a cab driver and Jack works in an office. Sara is supposed to pick up Jack and take him to his office. Sara is holding her bunny doll.


Sara: Sir, Come in, I am a cab-driver.

Jack: Saraa! Can I bring an animal too?

Sara: No, you can’t. Animals are not allowed in offices. I can have an animal cause I am a cab-driver.

Jack: Pleasee Sara! they might allow animals in offices too.

(after minutes of dispute)

Sara: ok, you can bring your animal too.

Jack leaves and comes back with a huge dinosaur doll.

Sara (screaming) : Jaack! Dinosaurs don’t exist anymore. Bring another animal !!!!!!


p.s. This is a real story narrated by S.B. The names of the children have been changed for their protection because I think you are a dangerous person who looks for cute children to tickle them.


2 responses to “the story of the dinosaur doll

  1. WOW!!!
    I loved it! what a touching story ^__^ … wish I saw them playing like this… hmm…I think it’s the time to become a dad, you know ^__^
    please write more in this style…I love it better than Naruto ( almost in the same level as The Breakers: New wave)

  2. i have no idea why this didnt come up on my reader and then i realise im not following you wth..anyway its fixed now been waiting for a post for ages this made me very happy thank you..its amazing ur a great writer

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