when diary becomes the only “dear” friend

hi there, thanks for coming. If you are a teenager first read number 2. and then number 1. if you are a parent, a teacher a president or basically anything other than a teenager you are suggested to start reading from number 1. which you naturally would if i didnt say anything. good luck:


1.  today again i went to pick Amy up at school just to be able to spend some time with her. I asked her how her day was and she didnt say anything. you know, sometimes i become so jealous of her phone. She never looks at me and smile. her father feels the same too. she spends all her time on her laptop or with her phone. today at lunch her father became angry and told her she is not allowed to bring her phone to the table. when Amy left i told him why he did that. He said he just misses Amy and wants her to talk to him more. I told him this is not the way to do it. but honestly i don’t know myself what IS the way.

This has been going on for a while now that I don’t remember when it became like this. I used to be her best friend and her father her hero. I miss the days when she would come back from school and before even taking her coat off would run to me and tell me everything. one day she would tell me how her teacher was evil for giving them so much homework. the next day she would tell much she loves the teacher because she liked amy’s painting. She would show me the letters her friends wrote to her during the lessons. You know, she didn’t even wait to see me to start talking about her day. I remember, I was in my room working, and she would come to my room with her famous sentence “mooom, doo youuu knoow whaat happenedd toddaaay?” and before I had the chance to say anything she would give the answer herself. But now, it’s all gone. She comes home and directly goes to her room. You know if every ten times that she says “wateva” or “nufin” she would call me mom once it was enough for me.

lisa (mom)

22nd February 2013

2. Dear Diary,

Today they took us to alton towers. It was really nice there. in the bus, miss mogran wanted us to sing the old macdonald but sara told her that this song is so OLD and that her brother told her macdonald sold his farm and doesnt have it anymore. sara was right. it isnt fun to sing “old macdoanld doesnt have a farm. and on his farm he doesnt have a duck.” when we got there we were so excited but they didn’t let us ride everything. sara and nancy and I wanted to ride the SUBMISSION but they said we are not old enough to. But we went on so many other things. Sara loved the Flume but i liked the sonic pinball more. We also ate icecream which was really fun too but it made my stomach feel weird specially after I went on the fun frog hopper. I wanted to throw up but mrs robin pour some cold water on her hand and put her hand on my face and then blew. she said she has learnt this from her grandmother. i love her grandmother cause i was feeling ok after that and i didnt throw up. it would be so embarrassing if i did.

I am sorry I am writing all of this here. I wanted to tell this to daddy but he said he was working. i told him it is short so he said yes but when i was telling him he didnt look at me at all. i told him i wanted to go the Haunted Hollow with him and he said it was cute. i told him i was about to throw up and again he said oh thats cute. i dont think he was listening to me. Then i went to mom’s room. she was on her computer. I asked her mom do you know what happened in alton towers and she said she loves to hear the story but she has work now and if i let leave her alone and let her work she will allow me play with her computer at night before i sleep. so i just left. it is not that i like playing with her computer more than talking to her but she seemed very interested in what she was doing and i didnt want to bother her.

it is so good tomorrow is sunday. I can play with sara. I am going to call her now.

love you xxx


22nd February 2006


15 responses to “when diary becomes the only “dear” friend

  1. I believe you’ve hit the nail on the head. Ouch. Nicely done. We could all use a little more face time and a little less facebook time with each other.

  2. to be honest, I hated the story. not that I hate your writing style or it is not true or anything. I hate it because it’s the very real thing that happens. I hate it for I know what would happen to that girl of your story in future and we can’t help her. sometimes I cry for them but in vain.
    I hate the very sad world we human live in it while the life itself is full of fun.
    Anyway, one of your bests ^__^

    • I know kenshin it is really sad. you know, for a couple of days i could not stop thinking about it, but the thing is I believe this is a problem that it can be solved. I am trying myself and i hope any one who reads this also tries. to start i have decided to put my laptop and phone away as soon as my little sister wants to talk to me.

  3. It’s bittersweet…how things pass by in ou lives so quickly. Everything seems more beautiful in retrospect, and when we realise that all that precious time had been slipping through our fingers, it is too late.

  4. in your very ordinary story(one thing that i didn’t like about it), at the end i was surprised by the date. you did great about mentioning the dates and also about letting the end of your story open.

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