a love triangle

I was attracted to her the first moment my eyes caught a glimpse of her.

Name: ZeeJay. Lives in Randburg (an area located in north western Johannesburg)

Name: ZeeJay. Has a very good taste in fashion. (hair and dress)

I couldn’t find out if she is white with black strips or black with white strips, but it didn’t matter cause either way she was so pretty. I did not want to leave her especially because I knew she didn’t use facebook and doesn’t even have an email and I am not into asking phone numbers. It’s just so not me. I told myself I will never ever love anyone more than her …

And I kept that promise for … almost 10 minutes till I saw her:

name : didn't tell me. She lives next to ZeeJay. very good at math.

 Name: Giraphe. lives with her mom. very good at math.

She was so cute, tall (look where the oyster is to get an idea of how tall she is) and beautiful that I didn’t mind her skin feels like a carpet. I asked her name but she wasn’t very confident to share it with me. She said at her school she had been really good in maths and graphs so other students bullied her and called her giraphe. I told her that her name was so beautiful and I would never want it to change. She became so happy and said that she was so sad that I had to leave (you can see this in her eyes). I promised her I will come back to visit her and told myself I will never love anyone more than her …

until …

To Be Continued

P.S. ZeeJay and Giraphe live in Randburg, an area located in north western Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Their place is so cool for any kind of journey to see the nature.


9 responses to “a love triangle

  1. Don’t worry, they say a person’s heart is big enough to love many at the same time…
    As I know, this blog is about growing your soul… so if you practice hard enough, you will have a very very wide open heart 😉

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