sand-drawing, a great fun for family

Ever since I heard about sand-drawing I was fascinated by it. But I never knew how it actually feels to roll up my sleeves and let my hands feel the sand. For the first fifteen minutes all I did was to move my hands over the sand. The softness of the sand was so relaxing.

Then I started to play with the sand and try to get to know it more. After half an hour this was what I could make :

the soul tamagotchi 1

As I was finishing this piece my little sister (9 years old) was telling me she wants to make something too. I did not know what she could do. She started very professionally and once she was done I was amazed. Judge it yourself:

a sand drawing by the soul tamagotchi

I am so happy I tried sand-drawing. But I am even more happy I let my little sister try it too. You never know what great fun is hidden in doing simple things. Find some sand, call your family and children, get dirty and have fun. You will be amazed how much fun you will have and what your children are capable of.

p.s. I know I was supposed to write that post on suicide, I know, but I couldn’t resist posting this.


7 responses to “sand-drawing, a great fun for family

  1. where could I find enough sand for this? Unfortunately I’m not near beach nor a construction site ^__^

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