Kevin’s parents love him

Kevin’s parents love him. All parents love their children but Kevin’s parents are different. They are the kind of parents who have the picture of their child in their wallet and show it to people in their first meeting. When Kevin was born his mother decided to leave all her other goals and set herself a new one: Taking care of Kevin. She quit her job and started reading every single book about parenting. She even joined parenting forums to get advice from other moms. Although, after some time she ended up giving advice to everyone. Maybe this was what encouraged her to start a blog about parenting. Once, in her blog she wrote: ‘when you become a mother your child is your life.’

Everything was going well for the Watson family (Watson is Kevin’s surname). Not only they were living a happy life but they were also a source of inspiration for other families. Supported by a strong father and a loving mom, Kevin was becoming more successful day by day and then one day he just died. On his way back from school, he was hit by a car and died. I know. It wasn’t nice or professional of me to suddenly say he died. But the thing is this is exactly how it happened, sudden and without preparation. That morning, like any other day, Kevin’s mom escorted him to the door, kissed his forehead and wished him good luck. Kevin told her he loved her and walked away and never came back.

The next few months was spent in grief for his parents. Everything was dull and lifeless. Everywhere they looked they would see memories of Kevin. Kevin’s mom had quit her job when he was born and now his father quit his job after his death. They rarely went out of the house. His mom couldn’t even check her blog. The only reason for that blog was no longer alive. When she logged in to her blog to deactivate it there were loads of unread comments. But there was only one which drew her attention. It said: ‘love whoever you want as much as you want just know one day you will be separated. ‘


The Begining


4 responses to “Kevin’s parents love him

  1. Hey buddy I’m not so sure what the goal of this blog was ultimately? Why so pessimistic? And why Do u think everyone is seperated? Do u believe in god? Have a religion ? From your previous blogs I thought u did..Sony not believe that those who truly love each other like family are reunited where they deserve to be ? And that when u love someone they die? U just dnt see them for a while physically but they are always with you if not next to you above you after you live a long life together obviously
    Ps I don’t know who ur special audience is or are but I’d like to also know what this is really about

    • Thanks for commenting Dear Max, I very much appreciate it that you spend time reading my blog and commenting on it and know I appreciate all your comments 😉
      I was trying to share my point of view about a part of reality. I think if we let people or things that will one day leave us, even if the separation is temporary and just physical, become our lives then after they leave we will have no purpose. Why not have something as the center of our life that never leaves even for a second and then love others as well but not as the center of our life.

      • Oh I see I understand now makes much more sense also more optimistic..great writing looking forward to ur next ones

  2. It was so nice ^__^
    I’m impressed by these parents…at least they can live happily when their beloved ones are alive…. but I think of those who are not happy even with their beloved ones around them… ^__^

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