learn from others’ mistakes, don’t use it against them

– I am talking to him and he is looking at his laptop.

– I can see his wife’s hands shaking when he shouts at her.

– He wants to be funny but he offends friends.

– She knows the truth but does not admit it.

– She is lazy but blames others for her failure.

These are just some few instances of times when you observe a friend’s mistake. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? “She is not nice.”, “How could he?” or “I don’t like him anymore.”

But personally, what comes to my mind is a fear. When I see someone hurting a dear one and not noticing or insisting on a wrong idea and thinking its true, I fear I might have been doing the same without noticing. I fear maybe all the times in my quarrels when I thought my friends were being unfair I was the one who was wrong, maybe I am also insisting on some beliefs which are not true. How nice would it be if everytime we noticed something bad in a friend or a relative instead of judging them we would search inside us for the same mistake. If you think she is not trying to understand you and that you are right, for one minute think the opposite. Maybe she is right and you are not trying to understand her. If you saw your father hurting your mother with his words, don’t start judging him, check your own life. Maybe you are saying the same to your wife or partner or …

Let others’ mistakes be a light that help you see your own mistakes.



4 responses to “learn from others’ mistakes, don’t use it against them

  1. I think the other message you are trying to convey here is that blame does not resolve anything. It is important to find a solution to a problem, irrespective of who’s at fault.

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